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13 Dec

Business Training

by SME Portal |Dec 13, 2017 | Opportunities

The need to harness emerging technologies to enhance business operations is becoming more paramount in the ever challenging & competitive path of entrepreneurs. The larger corporations know this and thus invest a lot of resources to train the personnel, leading to more knowledgeable and more skilled staff. However, SMEs may not have the financial ability to invest in such relevant training hence continue to perform poorly in some areas.

There are various training for SMEs at affordable costs that are aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to the business owners to be able to harness the whole concept of e-Business. Working online has many benefits that are able to contribute towards the growth of the business as well as reduce some costs of operations.

The courses available include the following;

  • Benefits Of The SME Portal
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Writing Project Proposals
  • Financial Management For SMEs
  • Online Business Registration
  • Corporate Website Management
  • Social Media For Business
  • Digital Marketing For Business
  • e-Business Techniques
  • e-Commerce Website Management
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