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Finding Clients For Your New Business
14 Aug

Finding Clients For Your New Business

by SME Portal |Aug 14, 2021 | Blog

The hard truth about finding clients as a new business is that it’s tough out there and may not be so straightforward to sign your first contract. People don’t usually trust beginners and want someone with experience and a good portfolio to begin with. In this case, you should start with one of the basic freelance websites like or simply offer some free services to some businesses that would then be willing to recommend you.

While targeting your clients, you should also focus on creating a good portfolio via a blog or website; you may check with for affordable options that suit your business needs. A high-paying client will demand better returns on their investment because quality will be a priority for them and hence you will need to prove your professionalism by being online, using corporate email addresses, and having testimonials from customers that you have already served. Once you prove your efficacy in your niche, you’ll be indispensable to the client, ensuring that you get business from them, and ultimately sign that contract that you need.

It is important to prepare your presentations in advance and have a clear value proposition that your prospects will understand. Do not use industry jargon since not all people understand such terminologies and be sure to explain clearly what each terminology means in cases where technical terms are used. Take advantage of tech tools to create Slide or Video presentations that outline all your points in a way that can be easily understood and highlight the areas that communicate value. You may consider consulting professionals like that will support you to create all you require to have your contract-winning presentation.

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